Daily work with the color profiles

As can be seen from the sample sheets enclosed with the publication, the ICC profiles offer new possibilities for reproducing color images with the Risograph in previously unattainable quality. Tests with the color profiles showed that they do not deliver one hundred percent perfect results for all photos. However, this is due more to the nature of the color in conjunction with the papers used and not to the measurement process itself:


Many color profiles lock down the overall color coverage of an image at a certain color value, preventing an image from being printed too saturated. However, this is not the case with the present versions of the test profiles. The color profile tries to convert the image motifs as well as possible into the respective color separations. If an image area is now reproduced that shows significant saturation in each of the color separations, the fibers of the paper will not be able to absorb any more color after a certain point, which is why images can appear unevenly saturated.

Consequently, when working with the profiles, care must be taken to ensure that depths in the images are not too pronounced and that the overall color application is not too high; this can be corrected, for example, with gradation curves or the brightness settings of the images.