Loading the primary color fields

If the information file with the data about the primary fields is saved as a .txt file, it can be loaded into basICColor IMProve via drag & drop. basICColor IMProve now offers a variety of functions that can be executed with this or other measurement specific files. In addition to creating a Custom chart (bottom left), you can first check whether the loaded file works correctly by using the Edit Primaries function. Now a popup window opens that shows the primary colours of the text file and outputs their colour values in the L*a*b color space.

In addition, it is also possible to add further colours using the Add Channels button. Provided that the names of the primary colours, e.g. Red, Blue and Yellow, are correctly displayed and also the specification of the L*a*b color values were taken over from the entries in the text file, a test chart can be created from this for further use. This works with the above mentioned function Custom Chart, which is located in the lower bar of the program icons.