Replacing the master roll

Each time a file is sent or an original is scanned, a master foil is automatically exposed on the colour drum and mounted. The foil on the master is automatically collected in the master disposal tray. The master disposal tray should ideally be emptied and cleaned regularly to prevent a master disposal error when the foil is exposed. Residue often remains on the transport rolls of the old masters, which prevents the used masters from being disposed of at the right speed and a new master being set up. Master rolls have a length of 108 meters, which means that with an exposed master sheet being about 46 cm long, about 230 A3 sized masters can be exposed from one roll. If the roll is empty, the following steps must be taken to replace it:

Press the green button on the master making unit to unlock the safety mechanism
Open the panel via the ribbed handle
Remove the master making unit by pulling the green lever. The master making unit is not mechanically reinforced, which is why it feels slightly sluggish
Unlock the foil using the green handle on the right side. Now the empty master roll slightly folds forwards and can be removed
Remove the new master roll from the plastic wrapper and leave the paper tape labelled “Left / Jaune” on the roll to help inexperienced users with inserting it in the right way: First, the roll is placed on the left side of the holder, then to the right and fixed by the folding device on the right side
Remove the narrow band and, if necessary, turn the master roll in the fixture so the overlapping splice points upwards
Open the master guide flap by pulling it upwards
Place the front end of the master roll in the master guide flap and close it again. The unit will now automatically retract the master and position it correctly on the thermal head
1 1 – 4 Procedure when removing a master roll from an MZ-series risograph. On many single drum machines this unit is located inside the unit, where it must be pulled out
1 Detailed view of the rubber wheel of the paper infeed
2 The paper feed consists not only of its rubber wheel but also of the adjustment wheels for paper handling pressure and the angle of the stripper plate