Common paper formats

Leaving out the “RISO A2”, risographs can reproduce masters at sizes ranging from DIN A3 to DIN A6, depending on the model type and size of the colour drums. The print range is determined by the paper size specified in the tray of the paper feeder, regardless of the size of the original. The print range is the size of the printed sheet minus the margins (5 mm at the top of the paper, 2 mm at the bottom of the paper, 3 mm on each side). The original must be prepared taking these margins into account, with the rule of thumb for a MZ machine being a maximum pressure range of 275 × 395 mm in the direction of narrow web, printed on a sheet of paper size 320 × 432 mm. The graphic on page 95 also provides some information on preparing a paper sheet. The following scenario is a special case: If drum 1 is removed and drum 2 is performing single-colour printing at a speed of “150 ppm”, paper up to a length of 364 mm can be used without having to register an excessively long paper.