Special paper formats

By registering special paper formats, it is also possible to print on excessively long papers. The devices marked with an A in the table are
capable of printing on paper of up to 555 mm in length (from top to bottom in the direction of the paper feeder) 1. To do this, a special paper format must be registered in the machine.

To do this, a special paper format must be registered in the machine. In the administration menu of the risograph, a special format can be registered in the System menu when choosing the menu item  custom sized paper. The special formats are not only suitable for the risograph adjusting the drum rotation movement to fit the size of the paper (stops paper jams that occur in the print run because the sensor on the paper ejector incorrectly recognises that it would be blocked by a paper size that may be too long in the paper ejector). Additionally, long formats mentioned above can be printed on with up to 555 mm in paper length. It is always advisable to register special paper sizes (e.g. A3-sized sheets that are a little longer to avoid pesky impressions of the rubber wheel) as a special setting and to name this new format with a title so you can stay on top of things during the print process.

Caution: Registering a longer paper size neither changes the maximum print range nor the upper and lower print position range of the
machine. Depending on the processing of the printed sheets (e.g. binding), however, it may be helpful to print a longer sheet in the machine and cut it later. If working with a special size longer than 43.2 cm (equivalent to 17 in), the rear paper stopper of the paper ejection has to be turned over in advance. This way, the paper ejection has to be cared for with constant focus, but it prevents the sheets from turning wavy or kinked, jamming the paper ejection or even cause a paper jam.

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