Drying times

When the sheets emerge from the risograph and are collected in the paper ejector of the risograph, the drying process of the emulsion ink on the sheet begins. While the water particles inside the ink evaporate, oil and colour particles remain stuck on the paper. Since the the sheets mainly dry within the first few minutes after the printing process, the sheets should be well-prepared for drying. A drying rack is a helpful tool to make sure the sheets dry out while saving space and staying clean. If the sheets are placed on it, they should dry there for at least two to three hours before the next print run. 24 hours before printing on them again (the same side or the back of the sheets) would be ideal, though. When assembling the sheets, the papers should be collected on stacks that are not too high, since the stacks themselves exert weight on the sheets lying underneath, thus making it possible for the sheets to stain each another.