Interval printing

In addition to setting print speed and print intensity, setting the interval print is key to achieving a clean print job on the risograph. Usually, a sheet of paper will be transported from the paper feed past the colour cylinders to the paper ejection within one drum revolution. Interval printing means that the drums of the risograph rotate at the normal speed, but the paper feed does not pull paper during every rotation. The freshly printed sheet is thus given a much longer time to dry. Especially with sheets where the ink is still wet, it is very important they get enough time to dry because they still tend to lose colour, soiling the back of the next sheet. Furthermore, this setting is recommended when the printed sheets are to be placed in a drying rack after printing to avoid chaos when operating the paper ejection. The paper feed interval (skip rotation) can be set from 1 to 10.

Interval printing setup

Switch to print mode on the risograph, if not already activated
In the Functions tab, move the position arrow to the right twice and select the item Interval
Confirm with the On button and select a number of rotations to skip, either via a tap on the touch panel or by entering numerical values via the print control buttons
Close the menu by tapping OK or by pressing the red button on the device and continue with the print run

If a paper with excess length is used and the number of rotations to be skipped is set to an odd number, the number of rotations to be skipped is the “set number + 1”.