Planning print and finishing

Only when the colourfulness of a project, the number of pages and thus the number of required sheets have been determined, is it
is worth planning the printing process itself. It should generally be expected that, depending on the colour of the sheets and the edition, the printing of one sheet takes a day. Thus, it is important for the sheets to have enough time to dry. Consequently, the more colour layers are printed on the felt or the wire side of the sheet, the longer the entire printing process takes.

Printing can, of course, be sped up by reducing the drying times of the sheets. However, when doing so, the amount of ink coverage on the individual sheets needs to be taken into account. Additionally, the extent to which the sheets can be “stressed” should be estimated. The absorbency of the paper is the main factor in that regard. If you are familiar with the subjects of the edition, the order of sheets printed and which side of the sheet is printed first could be reconsidered, saving more time for drying the sheets.