Software for creating colour profiles

I would like to begin this chapter by thanking the company basICColor, without whose assistance and generous donation of extended trial licenses the following experiments would not have been possible.

Based in Penzberg, basICColor GmbH is one of the leading providers of ICC-based colour management solutions for the entire digital colour workflow. The product range appeals to users working in the graphics industry who want to explore the subject of digital colour. Among other things, basICColor offers colour profiling and colour calibration solutions for all imaginable input and output systems, which is why it was possible for me to use this software for the risograph. These attempts at profiling colour spaces with riso specific inks were developed completely with software by basICColor, primarily using BasICColor catch, basICColor IMProve and basICColor DeviL: basICColor IMProve is a software for optimising and processing measurement data of all kinds. There are many situations in which the measurement data before ICC profiling is not optimal, leading to inferior profiles. There may be either measurement errors or printing errors or other artefacts (eg inhomogeneities), or a number of measured data is to be averaged intelligently and then fed to profiling (in our case with basICColor deviL). Fixing the measuring or printing errors is very important for creating profiles on the risograph, since it is uncertain if the colour results on the risograph are always identical and thus reliable. This program is used within the workflow, not only to adjust the measurement data from basICColor catch (see next paragraph), but also to create the test chart (also called target).

The second program, which is essential for creating colour profiles, is called basICColor catch. Catch is the basis for a multitude of tools for colour measurement, quality control & analysis, ICC profiling and profile adjustment as well as calibration of presses and imagesetters. basICColor catch is a universal and highly flexible tool for measuring linearisation, profiling and quality assurance targets. Converting the reference data and the measurement result into a colour space with special primary colours, basICColor DeviL is the third and last program needed. DeviL stands for DeviceLink, meaning conversion tables between two devices or colour spaces, like RGB and the primary colours red, yellow and blue. Using the reference file from basICColor IMProve (based on its L*a*b specification) and the measurement result from basICColor catch, a comparison and thus a colour profile can be created.