In order to truly be able to take advantage of the print method’s special features, it is essential to follow the working steps precisely. This chapter focuses on the most important things to watch out for during production in order to ensure the best possible results.

After deciding to work with risography in a professional way and print editions, a suitable working environment should be created first. Besides the device itself and a computer to send the masters to, the consumables, i.e. inks and master foil should be sufficiently available to avoid bad surprises when printing an edition. It is recommended to protect both ink and master foil from light and heat. If you own not only a risograph, but also additional colour drums, these should be stored on a shelf so that they do not get in the way when working with the risograph. Cheap printing paper should be close at hand as well to create master foils and test prints. If space permits or the edition requires it, a drying rack is a good place to store the fresh prints.