Control panel on the risograph

Several settings can be made during the printing process with the operating panel located on the top of the risograph. They are explained below:

Print speed

The risograph prints between 60 and 150 sheets per minute. The speed buttons on the device can be used to influence the print speed, even during printing. In cases of paper jams, especially when printing over the entire surface, it often helps to increase speed by one or two levels. Nevertheless, increasing the speed should be done carefully. Freshly printed sheets with moderate to heavy inking are best placed on a drying rack after printing, so leaving the printing speed at a setting of 3 at the most and possibly also activating the interval printing should be considered.


With the density buttons, the ink coverage can be minimally influenced, even during printing. When printing over the entire surface, a higher level should be selected to prevent a subdued colour impression.

Print position

The print position can be controlled both vertically and horizontally with the buttons on the control panel. While single-drum machines have a smaller control panel for one drum, dual colour machines can move both drums at once. This shift is done in increments of half a millimetre and is carried out using the arrow keys on the panel. The left panel controls the first drum and the right panel the second drum, which corresponds to the direction of the paper passing through the printer. This shift is applicable before, after and even during the printing process. Every time you press a button, you hear the sound of the respective drum being moved mechanically. The output prints within a print run should be checked constantly when shifting the print position of the colour cylinder. In case of inaccurate prints, the printing should be interrupted and the distances of the subject to the edge corrected. If you move the print position during a two-colour printing process, it should be noted that a fresh colour silhouette of the subject to be printed on the first drum is visible on the second drum and can cause ugly and smudged edges.

1 The control panel of a risograph; it can be used to adjust printing speed, intensity and printing position