Measure to support the drying process

For sheets that are heavily wetted with ink, additional measure should be taken beyond the normal drying process to help the ink sink into the paper sheet:

Additional airflow

The sheets can be supplied with further airflow in addition to the usual drying within the drying rack. This can be done, for example, with a fan on a low setting or a fan heater. If a mobile radiator is used or the drying rack is placed next to a heater, it is important to ensure that the temperature of the device is not too high so the sheets do not form waves. A sufficient distance from the fan or fan heater to the prints is important to prevent the sheets from being moved by the airflow and possibly falling out of the dryer rack or slide over and stain each other.

Treating the sheets with fixative

The paper sheets can, in addition to the additional air supply, also be processed with fixative in spray form. The fixative is a solution used to protect colours from being changed, damaged, and peeled off of the image carrier. It is not only applicable on pastel painting and charcoal drawings, but also risographic prints.The alcohol and resins contained in the fixate form a weak protective film that can help collect the colour between the paper surface and the protective film. When using the fixative, it is imperative to keep a treatment distance of 40 cm to prevent it from being applied too heavily or mixing with the ink coverage.